Miele MOVE. Your digital
solution for efficient machine, data and process management.

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Intuitive, transparent, efficient.
Miele MOVE connects commercial machines, optimises workflows and maintenance.
The platform combines easy-to-use user interfaces with intelligent assistance tools.
Optimization has never been so easy!

Connect machines via cloud
Analysis of machine data
Automated documentation
Error reports to customer service

Manage your data

See all important information about your machines live at any time and from anywhere:

  • Performance and program data

  • Workloads

  • Usage frequencies

All relevant persons always know which machines are utilized to what extent or whether there is a need for action. This allows you to easily derive trends for future capacity planning. Save unnecessary paths and achieve precise reporting.

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Smart machine connection

Miele MOVE connects all network-enabled Miele Professional machines to your computer, tablet or smartphone. With internet access, you and your team can access your current and historical data from anywhere at any time.

In the event of an error, you will be notified directly and can quickly forward an error report to our customer service department for fast assistance.

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Automated documentation

Miele MOVE automatically saves process data from executed programs and visually prepares operating data via easy-to-understand process curves – live and historical.

This allows you to view all procedures, assists you in complying with hygiene regulations and provides long-term evidence that special programs have been successfully completed. With just one click, download your program data as a PDF or Excel file for further use in your own documentation.

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Unlimited devices | 3 users

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Unlimited devices | 20 users

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